Lulla Doll Sleep Companion

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Lulla Doll Sleep Companion Description

Lulla Doll Sleep Companion Does your baby have trouble sleeping and frequently wakes up shortly after you put them down?Have you tried other sleep aids and white noise sound machines but found them to be ineffective?Lulla Doll is different…Unlike other baby sleep products that are movement and sound activated, Lulla Doll is activated by pushing on doll’s heart. One press will produce real-life breathing and heartbeat sounds for 8 hours! This continuous loop of gentle sounds will help your baby sleep better, longer. The doll is made from soft cotton that is perfect for baby’s to snuggle with. Warning: Once your child starts sleeping with Lulla Doll they won’t want to sleep without it!More Benefits of Lulla Doll:Based on scientific researchHealthier sleep patternsHelp babies feel safe and secureGreat for newborns, preemies and toddlersMachine washable and ultra-durableMay reduce chances of apneaDoll can pick up scent of Mom or DadPlease Note:  It’s not recommended having loose items in a crib for sleeping babies for the first year. Each doll has a secure Velcro strip on the back to safely attach it to the crib.Ready to provide your baby with a feeling of closeness and help improve their sleep? Click the “Add to Cart” button and let Lulla Doll take over when you’re not snuggled up with them.

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